9 Year Old Makes The Most Touching Video On Coronavirus EVER!

The rainbow at the end of the storm 

“Daddy, it’s so boring at home. Can’t I go and play outside?

“No, you can’t. There’s a virus out there that can hurt you, it’s best to stay inside.”

I haven’t been out since the end of January because of that horrible thing they call the new coronavirus. But the good thing is that all us Chinese have united to fight the virus. 

Many brave men and women are fighting it. Many angels in white immediately gave up their holidays and said, “Let’s go to Wuhan to help.” There’s a very old man among them. His name is Zhong Nanshan. He’s 84 years old, but he’s still there fighting the virus. Many other doctors and nurses are fighting to protect us. They’re all in great danger, but they say things like “We do not fear death and are happy to pay the price to help others.” That makes me cry. They’re all the truest heroes.

Thanks to them and many others it looks like things are getting better and better in China. But now many other countries are suffering, and that makes me sad, too.

Here’s something I want to tell children in other countries: Make sure you don’t catch the coronavirus. And stay inside even if you would like to go outside. That will keep you safe. If you do go outside, always wear a mask. Don’t touch your eyes, nose, mouth or ears. When you get back inside, carefully take off your mask, coat and shoes. Here’s one of the most important things: Wash your hands and face straight away, and make sure you do it very well. 

Carry on with your hobbies and interests and try to get exercise. 

This virus really is mean and nasty and can spread quickly. But we won’t let it beat us. After all, the Earth is our home, one that belongs to all of us, and I know that many other children around the world will follow scientists’ instructions and stay at home. 

China is a very big and old country, and over thousands of years we faced many problems. Fighting the virus is another one of those. Other countries will fight the virus, too, and together we will win.

When it’s all over we’ll be able to enjoy the rainbow that follows a very bad storm.